Blood Libel looks at a story as old as history: that Jews ritually sacrifice Christians—particularly children—to use their blood for Passover matzah and other religious purposes.
    This artist's book by designer and studio artist Lisa Rosowsky recounts seven of the most well-documented accusations of blood libel, dating from as far back as 39 AD and as recent as 1946. Selected excerpts from primary sources and reproductions of period art and photographs, combined with engaging summaries of each of the cases, weave a centuries-long narrative of suspicion, misunderstanding, and hate.

Designed, written, and bound by Lisa Rosowsky
Typeset in Klinic Slab, Tanach, and TheSans
Printed digitally on Mohawk Superfine paper
Case bound in Asahi book cloth
Jacket laser cut into Mohawk Loop paper
Size 8.625" x 9"

20 limited-edition copies in custom laser engraved acrylic slipcases

“Rosowsky’s illumination of past transgressions based on hate and fear is as timely and disturbing now as ever. Through her unfolding design narrative, historical imagery, and vivid contemporary accounts, she has produced a memorial and a warning—an artists’ book with universal social significance that belongs in every academic library.” 

– Ruth R. Rogers, Curator of Special Collections, Wellesley College